US English to UK English

So you already know that we call a "sidewalk" a "pavement", that we spell "color" as "colour" and that your "pants" are our "trousers"; but did you also know that we "touch wood" rather than "knock on wood", that we have "holidays" and not "vacations" and that our "first floor" is your second? And that's before we even start talking about weights and measurements, punctuation conventions or education systems, to name only a few.

And it's not just language! With devolved Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland and a separate Parliament in Scotland, it's never been more important to make sure that your website and marketing materials factor in the policy and legislative differences and diverse points of view throughout the UK.

The UK is the fifth largest market for US goods worldwide and 82% of UK internet users have shopped online. so it makes sense to maximize your opportunities with targeted language.

And because I can work directly from your html code or ready-processed documents, you'll eliminate the need for re-formatting and coding, along with many of the associated costs.

Contact me for a free estimate of the cost to localize your website or documents for the UK market - you may be surprised at how little it could cost you!



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